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Asian Portal is an online shopping mall for Japan-made products.
In a big manufacturing country like Japan, there are many unique and high-quality products that have not been introduced by overseas media.

At Asian Portal more than products that you can generally buy at convenience stores or department stores, we mainly handle limited products that have yet to be introduced overseas and are upscale items. We have many Japan-made products that those who have often traveled to Japan, or even  Japanese, don't know about.

Discovery Japan

The fun of shopping at Asian Portal is the joy of discovering the highest quality products in the world that you have not seen before.

We have posted video reviews by YouTubers for several of the products at Asian Portal. When someone from overseas buys a product not made in their country, it is hard to describe in writing how it is used, and what its features are. Therefore, as much as possible we use videos to introduce the products.

About Asian Portal
Asian Portal has a dream to "convey Japan to the world."

For products that have been made by craftsmen who have put their hearts into it, normally we casually use and enjoy them, such as fashion, animation, architecture, clothes, cooking, and toys, but especially for Japan-made products we believe that they are globally quite superior. We often feel this when we travel overseas.

Whether toys or cooking, when one spontaneously feels that "this is amazing!", it boosts the spirit and brings a smile to the face. Such Japan-made products give our lives a "richness" and a "new purpose in life." We think it would be wonderful to communicate this to the world. By "continuing to convey Japan to the world," and wanting to increase even by one person those who have a rich heart, such thoughts are included in our dream.
This onlinestore and official website is operated and managed by Asian Portal Co., Ltd.

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